New Breeders Album in 2008

VenusZine talks to Pixie-Breeder Kim Deal who answers questions from readers:

The new Breeders record is scheduled to be released in April 2008. There are 13 songs. Mando Lopez is still on bass, Jose Medeles on drums, Kelley Deal, my evil twin, on guitar and vocals, and I’m playing guitar and vocals.

The songs are just songs. But for instance, one song Kelley and I did live. She played stand-up bass and I played acoustic guitar while we sang. Steve Albini taped it live like that. Yet another song has Kelley playing bass and Mando playing rhythm guitar. I’m playing the lead and Kelley and I are singing throughout. One song has Mando playing a lead guitar which Albini then backward masked. One song has three, count ’em, three basses on it….

Exciting stuff for those of us in the alternative nation, ha ha. Just like VH1, we love the 90s.

Update: Stream a new song, “We’re Gonna Rise,” on myspace. How about that!

Via nme.

YouTube: The Breeders – “Cannonball”

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