New Oasis Video – Lord Don’t Slow Me Down

People love ’em, people hate ’em. Take a side. I know which one I’m on.

Oasis – Lord Don’t Slow Me Down

A great return to the vintage Oasis pub rock that sloshed beer and stomped boots in the late 90s. I love when they cut loose with the Big Rock.

11 thoughts on “New Oasis Video – Lord Don’t Slow Me Down”

  1. I’ve heard Noel sell himself short in many an interview regarding his perceived vocal abilities. He sounds great. If this is Noel taking the lead on this song then I hope the next album the boys release has him doing so on more tracks.

  2. Definitely Noel singing. They’ve put out quite a few songs over the years in this vein, but this one does indeed rock it out.

  3. Of the top of my head:

    Sad Song

    Don’t Look Back in Anger

    Magic Pie

    Talk Tonight

    The Masterplan

    Half the World Away

    chorus on Acquiesce

    The Importance of Being Idle

    Part of the Queue

    Mucky Fingers

    Little By Little

    She is Love

    Force of Nature

    …too many to list. Lots, with heavy numbers in b-sides.

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