New Von Bondies

Detour has two new Von Bondies tracks from an upcoming EP. “Pale Bride” is pretty good, but “I Don’t Wanna” starts off with the “C’mon C’mon” riff and quickly turns lame.

After you listen for yourself, find Jason Stollsteimer and punch him in the face. Why not? Everybody’s doing it. Even original guitarist Marcie Bolen, who’s no longer in the band but wants to make sure you don’t believe the “horrible things” Stollsteimer is telling people about why she quit the band.

Love, Hate and Then There’s You is expected out in 2008 on Warner-subsidiary Sire.

For creepy stalker-dude shits ’n’ giggles, enjoy Bolen’s grammatically soothing post that we lifted from her MySpace page detailing her VBs torpedo:

I hear that Jason is going around telling people horrible things about why I quit the band. I could go into why I quit the band it but it’s a long trying story. But here is what should be cleared up.

No I didn’t hate Carrie Don nor Yasmine nor do they hate me, I talk to Don and Yasmine on a regular basis and I saw Carrie in LA. We all feel the same way.

Yes I did play all my parts in the band and on the recordings

I did not laugh at Jason when he got punched by Jack I actually helped Jason with his delema. I’m hurt he would tell some of you guys this cause I went through alot for Jason when that happened to him. I had to make decisions that I didn’t want to for him that messed up relationships in my life that are irreparable just for his benifit.

I always kept up my end and worked very hard for the band even when times got so tough it seemed unbearable.

I helped promote the band for 8 years and loved touring and playing live. I’ll miss rocking out with those guys.

I am very sad that I had to leave but I’m looking forward to playing with my new bands.

So please don’t believe Jasons lies he may tell you I’ve heard everything in the book from alot of my friends and people I’ve met recently.

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