New Weezer Album: 2008

Rumors of Weezer’s demise have apparently been exaggerated. Rivers Cuomo posts an update.

“Hey Party-People,

Weezer is just polishing up a batch of songs for a recording session that is going to start at the beginning of July. This will be the final recording session for our 6th album which we aim to put out in the first half of 2008. We hope you are all having good times.


Does anyone even care anymore? I skipped the last one. The “On Drugs” song was enough to turn me off, although unlike a lot of snobs, I liked “Beverly Hills.” We’ll see, I guess…

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3 thoughts on “New Weezer Album: 2008”

  1. I certainly don’t care. And you’re talking to someone who braved three feet of snow to trek from NJ to NY to watch Weezer play with The Get Up Kids and Ozma right after the pre-Green Album reunion.

    Weezer was, as I suspect is the case for every slightly nerdy 20-something with a heart and affinity for the original NES, a huge deal to me. I even went as far as to like Maladroit. But I couldn’t get behind the last album, and I’m not going to go out of my way to hear this.

  2. i picked up the last album, but outside of the few times i listened to it the month i picked it up, i never really listened to it. now, i’ve enjoyed a handfull of songs on most of all of their releases. and even with make believe there were definitely shades of what made weezer and interesting band to listen to. though, it felt forced at best.

    i’m totally indifferent about the next album. i’ll have an open ear for it, but i won’t go out of my way for it.

  3. Interesting – “We Are All On Drugs” was the only song I liked off the last one. But “liked” is pushing it still. And I shadily downloaded the whole album.

    I remember it was my 18th birthday when I bought “Pinkerton” (WAY behind the curve there) and it sparked so much in me. Now Weezer depresses me. Their Coachella show was one of the single most disappointing experiences of my life.

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