New White Stripes: Icky Thump

The White Stripes have “completed the recording and mixing of their sixth album” at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, according to a typically playful announcement on their website. It will be called Icky Thump and will be released “as soon as corporately possible.”

Watch a clip of the The Stripes at work: “I’m Slowly Turning Into You” (QT). The video doesn’t work for me but the audio, which kicks in after a few seconds of silence, sounds rough and cool. Snippets of lyrics include “but some faces getting older” and “I’m slowly turning into you / but you don’t know this / slow but true / you say I’m lying and I never really tell you the truth..” The music is loud ass Meg drums with Jack (apparently) on organ.

Read the full announcement after the jump…

Hello to all the Candy Cane Children in the land,

The White Stripes have completed the recording and mixing of their sixth album. It is entitled:

“Icky Thump”

and is their first album to include a title track, which curiously (and not ironically) has the same words in it’s name. Though some residents of northern England might almost recognize the title, The Stripes stress they are spelling it wrong intentionally just for “kicks” and “metaphors”, and to avoid a possible lawsuit from the estate of Billy Eckstine.

The record was recorded in Nashville at Blackbird Studio. And word around the sewing circle is that many of your favorite White Stripe type songs may not be your favorite (pronounced favaright) White Stripe type songs for long.

Some song titles include:

Catch Hell Blues
Little Cream Soda
Monkeys Have It Easy (discarded)
Rag And Bone
Clicky Bump (retitled into something pleasant)
Blue Orchid (relocated to previous album)
You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told)

It was the longest time the delightful duo have ever spent in the studio, totaling almost three weeks. Jack and Meg were said to have been looking like they were “into it almost”. And even Meg herself was quoted while leaving a local Nashville laundromat saying that the record was, in her best estimate; “finished”, “musical in nature” and lastly, though slightly muffled, “good”.

The Stripes will be releasing a statement soon saying: “we are doing our best (whatever that is) to release the album as soon as corporately possible. And though we are tired, worn, weary, hungry, cold, and left without an ounce of nutrition amongst ourselves, we are in the midst of planning performance type shows aroundst the world.”

Here now is a short film clip of The Stripes working on a thoroughly rough and ghastly early version of a track from the new album entitled “I’m Slowly Turning Into You”… HI | LO

(the actual music has been replaced with mid eighties sampling keyboard technology to prevent what industry analysts are now calling “song poaching”)

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MP3: The White Stripes – “You’re Pretty Good Looking” (courtesy of Metro Times)

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  1. Will this finally be the White Stripes all rock/no filler .44 magnum opus? Probably not – I just hope Jack at least straps the axe back on for at least 3 or 4 killer tracks.

    Also…”song poaching”?

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