New Wilco Out on May 15

The Fork is reporting that Wilco’s follow-up to 2004’s A Ghost is Born will be out on May 15. Blue Sky Blue is scheduled for release on Nonesuch, so said Mr. Tweedy at last night’s Nashville show. No word on whether he smacked the shit out of anyone at the show.

5 thoughts on “New Wilco Out on May 15”

  1. “Here’s the guys gotta stay down there and be nice…or we can’t play. Alright?”

    Gott love YouTube!

    The guy would have been ok if he had just kept his hands off Tweedy. I’ve seen Wilco play with a dozen fans dancing on stage.

    Seriously, why do fans have to put their mauws on the musicians. It’s called ‘personal space’.

  2. The dude jumped up on stage by launching himself off of some girl’s wheelchair. He deserved to be smacked for that alone.

  3. I have a couple Mp3s of new live stuff. I’m not sure if they will be on the record, but they do sound more like the old Wilco…really upbeat and happy, especially that song they played on the Conan O’Brian show a while back when he was in Chicago.

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