Excerpt from the Oral History of the Replacements

Harp has an excerpt from All Over But the Shouting: An Oral History of the Replacements:

Bob Stinson: It was ’86 and we were doing “Saturday Night Live,” staying at the Berkshire Hotel. I caused all the trouble on that one: I broke the phones, put a hole in the door, threw an ashtray out the window. Lorne Michaels put food and flower baskets in our rooms, free bar tabs–we went to town. I think I’d have to say I abused it more than anybody. They swore no band from Warner Bros. would play on that show again unless we paid the tab on the $1,000 worth of supposed “damage” we did.

All Over But the Shouting is due November 15 from Voyageur Press.

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The Replacements on SNL

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