Osmonds, Van Halen Reunite

Jack Daniels bassTwo equally huge reunion stories out today:

1) The Osmonds reunite on stage after 25 yearsDonny, Marie and the rest join the TODAY cast for preview of Vegas show

2) It’s official: Van Halen to launch tour in Sept.25-date trek begins in Charlotte, N.C., will end in Calgary in December (without bassist Michael Anthony)

Which reunion are you more excited about?

The Osmonds – “Crazy Horses” (live)

Van Halen – “Runnin’ with the Devil”

4 thoughts on “Osmonds, Van Halen Reunite”

  1. That VH thing fall apart! I give that line-up a 50% chance of starting at all, and a 0% chance of ever completing the whole tour.

    The first time Diamond Dave pulls out his 20 ft ribbon on a stick Eddie will smash a bottle of Jack over his head and that will be the end of it.

  2. I doubt that – Eddy couldn’t hit the broad side of a rehab clinic these days, let alone Dave’s shiny bald head.

    Hee hee!

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