Passions Just Like Mine: Morrissey Fan Film

Passions Just Like Mine, a feature length documentary exploring the culture of obsessive fandom, is currently in post-production. Check out the trailer:

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Jose started high school in 1996 where he was introduced to his first Smiths song, ‘How Soon is Now?’. When he heard the line, ‘I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does’, his life was transformed. He soon began collecting all of the Smiths/Morrissey merchandise he could get his hands on. He began emulating Morrissey’s style, including a pompadour haircut.

On the surface, these two people have very little in common, yet Jose credits Morrissey with saving his life. What would cause an eighteen year old Mexican immigrant to become obsessed with a forty-five year old British man who he has never met or even seen in person? What causes people to become obsessed over someone they don’t know and have very little in common with? ‘Passions Just Like Mine’ will investigate this question. The film will be a feature length documentary that tells the story of Jose, as well as others like him, and how fan culture manifests itself.

This might be really fascinating.

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  1. I find it hard to believe that there are no comments on this story yet.

    I, for one, try to separate myself from Morrissey fans…the idea of the overly melodramatic, flower throwing cult bothers the heck out of me. However, he seems to be one of those figures who attracts people like that. I’ll admit that I seem to find something in his music that draws me to him, makes me feel as though I know him (although I know how incredibly ridiculous that whole idea is.) His persona is so incredibly attractive because he seems to understand all of the darkness and pain of the human condition. The thing about personas though, is that they generally are more of an act than anything. It’s one of those issues that I grapple with constantly with my favorite artists. Moz has embraced this character that he plays and has done a fantastic job of it (after all, he does have the flower throwing, stage rushing fans.)

    This sounds like an interesting film…kinda like “Trekkies”…haha.

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