Pete Pleads Guilty

Please, sir... May I have some more?Pete Doherty pleads guilty to drugs charge:

The singer pleaded guilty to possessing quantities of crack, heroin, cannabis and ketamine as well as to two driving offences.

The judge however deferred sentencing Doherty until August 7, on the condition he enters a drug rehabilitation programme – probably a five-day course at a clinic in Harrogate – and that he does not commit any more offences.

Remember kids, crack is whack. It may help you to release a good single here and there, but it will ruin your album. Oh Paddy, put the pipe down.

(AP Photo / Ian West/PA Wire)

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  1. Sure, whatever Pete’s punishment will probably be too harsh too. I mean, we can’t have a conservative Republican who took Cheney’s fall UM, I mean a notorious British rocker in the pokey now, can we??

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