Pete Loves Amy

For weeks, Jake and I have been IMing about the respective issues and trials surrounding both Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse. Now, I don’t mind that they get loaded and cause trouble. In fact, I like it. Rock and roll needs some troublemakers. Complaining about Pete Doherty’s drug arrests and Amy Winehouse’s tabloid travails seems to me to be anti-rock and roll. But I don’t want them to die. I love their music and want more and more of it. They also seem like cool people. I’m not sure I’d let them babysit my son, but I’d sure as fuck love to go to a dirty rock club with them and argue about the Kinks.

They seemed to us to be those two jacked up friends you’re always talking about. The friends you know shouldn’t get together, but if they ever did they’d have a hell of a good time and probably a few arrests under their arms before it was all said and done. I mean, imagine if Pete and Amy got together?

Imagine no more. The NME reports that Winehouse has in fact recorded a track with Doherty’s own Babyshambles. Guitarist Mik Whitnall explained, “It’s a ska type track. Amy’s playing guitar on it and singing as well,” he said. “I’m assuming that the pair have been jamming in Wiltshire where Amy’s been staying with him along with his new fiancé from what I could gather.”

And proving that rock and roll is still a bit of a boys club, Whitnall added this bit about Winehouse’s guitar playing, “She thinks she’s shit but she’s not. I’ve never met a girl who plays like that, let alone a man.” Gee, thanks.

2 thoughts on “Pete Loves Amy”

  1. A typical example from back in August:

    [09:59] dp: I hope she and Pete never hook up

    [09:59] jb: ha.

    [10:00] jb: that would be the end

    [10:00] dp: Though I can hear a DOPE single in my head if they did

    [10:01] jb: seems like they could at least record one single.

    [10:01] jb: pete should write a song for her

    [10:01] jb: at least

    [10:02] dp: that would be great. But the Biritish military should have to escort them to and from any meetings and keep all pushers away. Maybe they have to record nekkid so they can’t sneak junk in

    [10:02] jb: that’s a great idea. you should be a manager.

    [10:03] dp: I’d YouTube that shiznit

  2. What’s this world coming to when DP uses the word “shiznit” in standard conversation, without a trace of self-awareness or irony???!?!!

    As far as the compliment on Amy’s guitar skills from Mik Whitnall, the comment is both ever-so-slightly sexist, but also (in its own way) a high compliment, it sounds.

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