Question Mark Loses Home to Fire

Anyone who loves garage punk will be upset to learn that Question Mark (of the Mysterians) has lost his home, his dogs and all his possessions in a house fire. “I lost everything. All my tapes, pictures. I’m going through the rubble right now,” he said. A benefit is apparently in the works. Sadly, like many artists, he has no insurance.

Best known for the hit single, “96 Tears,” Question Mark and the Mysterians have been a staple on the contemporary garage rock scene, known to rock harder than kids half their age.

As we learn more about the fundraising effort, we’ll be sure to update this entry. In the meantime, you can write to him at his myspace page or his PO Box:

Question Mark and the Mysterians

P.O. Box 96

Clio, MI 48420

Benefit update: Bring ? and The Mysterians to St. Louis!

Update #2: Fans are encouraged to apply to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the idea being “If enough fans apply, maybe we can get the house rebuilt.”

Update #3: Fans in the U.S. can purchase T-shirts directly from ? by mailing a check for $25 made out to “Question Mark” to the PO Box listed above. Be sure to include your return mailing address and the size you want.

96 Tears (Where The Action Is, 1965)

Trailer from the upcoming documentary film Are You For Real?

2 thoughts on “Question Mark Loses Home to Fire”

  1. God damn, isn’t there some way we can set up some kind of national insurance for artists? This always happens – some one makes a significant contribution to music, or art, and then they get wiped out by a fire or an illness or something.

    I mean, yeah, Question isn’t exactly Picasso or whatever, but “96 Tears” alone ought to qualify him for some kind of coverage…


    Just confirmed–Question Mark and the Mysterians will be playing with The SInatras at Kraftbrau in Kalamazoo, Michigan on CINCO DE MAYO. Bigger details to follow as they become available. This will be a benefit show.

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