The RIAA Doesn’t Always Win

Home taping is killing music.Sometimes it seems like every single sucker who gets hassled by the RIAA for filesharing rolls over and pays the $3,750 settlement to put the whole mess behind them. A lot of them do. But more and more people are refusing to be coerced into accepting that deal.

And lately, when people fight it, they seem to be winning. Recently, a dude had his lawyer send a letter threatening to countersue for malicious prosecution, and the record company just dropped the suit.

And the latest update in lawsuit against Patti Santangelo (remember her from last year? Help Fight Goliath: Mom vs. RIAA) is that the RIAA is trying to drop its case against her without paying her legal bills. The judge refused to allow the RIAA to drop the case without prejudice, so they’ll either have to drop it with prejudice and pay her bills, or take it trial and surely lose.

Follow all this crazy legal shit on Recording Industry vs The People.

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