Ryan Adams: Reviews of his 11 Online Albums

Orphans, Bastards and Timewasters :: Getting to the heart of Ryan Adams’ prolificacy – A writer for Paste took the time to listen to all eleven of the albums that Ryan Adams crapped out on his website last year as DJ Reggie, the Shit, and WereWolph:

“On one hand, there’s merit in being able to deliver (and take) a joke, but eleven albums’ worth of really bad jokes (even though most are short) seems like totally pointless overkill no matter how you slice it.”

You can still listen to this stuff for yourself at Cardinal Radio. And be warned, Ryan has released even more Shit (and DJ Reggie) on there since these were reviewed.

Good old, Ryan Adams. He makes it impossible to hate him. How can you possibly criticize him when he obviously doesn’t take himself too seriously? Bigmouth strikes again.

“Aw shit. One and a half stars, three records sold… And then the guy goes, “This record is very long and sappy. Basically, he’s alternative country but crappy.” —Ryan Adams (or is that DJ Reggie?), “Look Who Got a Website”

Via cw.

Previously: Ryan tells me to fuck myself with a dirty stick in 2003 for suggesting he hire an editor. A classic moment for GLONO, which Adams later described as “an online zine, hack journalism at best. like No Depression without a genre oriented audience.” We, of course, took that as a compliment.

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