Ryan Adams – Two, Everybody Knows

Easy TigerAOL is giving away two new mp3 clips (two minutes each) from Ryan Adams’ upcoming Easy Tiger, due June 26 on Lost Highway. Both songs should please his fans who wish he’d stick to easygoing country-rock.

Ryan Adams – “Two”

Ryan Adams – “Everybody Knows”

Since one album per year is never enough, a box set is being planned that “may include live tracks, the fabled unreleased albums 48 Hours and The Suicide Handbook, the oft-bootlegged Bedhead series and leftover songs from the Easy Tiger sessions.”

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5 thoughts on “Ryan Adams – Two, Everybody Knows”

  1. These are the same two snippets his publicist sent out last week. I posted them, not realizing they both cut out at the 2-minute mark … which I find really annoying.

  2. Jake and I were just discussing that, Tankboy. That is annoying as hell and not very listener friendly.

    FANS BEWARE: These are two minute samples, not complete songs.

  3. hes still around?

    but seriously, have they ever released any f**ker tracks legit? that was some of the best whiskeytown stuff

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