Sea Wolf – You’re a Wolf

MP3: “You’re a Wolf” by Sea Wolf from Get to the River Before It Runs Too Low, out now on Dangerbird. Finally! A “wolf” band I actually like! This band doesn’t sound anything like Modest Mouse or Black Sabbath.

Saw their video on Subterranean, which erroneously listed the band as “Sa Wolf.” MTV apparently needs to hire a copy editor (among other positions…).

Sea Wolf – “You’re a Wolf”

6 thoughts on “Sea Wolf – You’re a Wolf”

  1. “Finally! A “wolf” band I actually like!”

    For shame – no love for Guitar Wolf?

    But I agree: Sea Wolf sounds pretty good.

  2. c’mon, really? if you’ve got “wolf” in your name, shouldn’t your songs have at least a little bite? found this track a bit dull.

    i happen to love wolf parade, however. but i’ve never liked modest mouse. i think maybe i would, tho, since the comparison keeps getting made…any suggestions for what album/era of modest mousery that i should explore if i like wolf parade?

  3. wolf in a band name…bite? what the hell are you talking about. This band is awsome, and yes, they don’t sound like any of the other lame wolf bands. Saw them live, they are awsome

  4. bite…wolf…a silly comment, i’ll admit. no need to get upset, poo. but seriously, if you are trying to convince anyone, try another adjective other than “awsome.” maybe if i saw them live i would agree that they are awesome. forgive me. i’m just going by the forgettable video.

    no help forthcoming with my modest mouse introduction? anyone?

  5. Personally, the Lonesome Crowded West is by far my favorite Modest Mouse album and worth checking out if you are looking to get a sample of what they are like.

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