Sly Stone Re-Emerges

This is great. Something I never would’ve imagined. Vanity Fair has an 8,000-word feature and interview with Sly Stone by David Kamp: Sly Stone’s Higher Power: Fame & Scandal. It’s a great read, with lots of surprising details.

This snippet reveals that his mind is sharp, and that he’s still as funny and weird as ever:

He doesn’t flinch when I broach the subject of his hunched posture and neck brace, but it’s clear he doesn’t want to break out the M.R.I.’s, either. “I fell off a cliff,” he says. “I was walking in my yard in Beverly Hills, missed my footing, and started doing flips. But you know what? I had a plate of food in my hand. And when I landed, I still had a plate of food in my hand. That’s the God-lovin’ truth. I did not drop a bean.”

I grew up on Sly’s music. I might’ve even been conceived after a Sly and the Family Stone concert (which would explain why I am so funky). I am very happy to hear that he’s well and doing okay. And while the idea of new music from him makes me a little nervous, it’s hard not to be excited by the idea. What if it’s great?

In the end you’ll still be you / One that’s done all the things you set out to do / There’s a cross for you to bear / Things to go through if you’re going anywhere…

Good luck, Sly! And welcome back.

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