Stephen Stills 1968 Demos

Long-Lost Stills Sessions Hitting Stores In July:

The results of that impromptu session will be heard on Just Roll Tape: April 26th, 1968, due July 10 via Eyewall/Rhino. The 13-song collection features early demos of Stills favorites such as “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” “Helplessly Hoping,” “Wooden Ships” and “Change Partners,” along with a bonus rendition of “Treetop Flyer” which was recorded at another session.

There was a time when Stills was a great, soulful singer and a badass—yet tasteful—guitar player. This was recorded right around that time. Should be cool.

Track Listing:

1. All I Know is What You Tell Me

2. So Begins the Task

3. Change Partners

4. Know You Got To Run

5. The Doctor Will See You Now

6. Black Queen

7. Bumblebee (Do You Need A Place to Hide?)

8. Judy

9. Dreaming of Snakes

10. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

11. Helplessly Hoping

12. Wooden Ships

13. Treetop Flyer

Stephen Stills – “Four and Twenty Years Ago”

Neil Young and Stephen Stills – “Mr. Soul”

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One thought on “Stephen Stills 1968 Demos”

  1. That clip of “Four and Twenty Years Ago” is from Celebration at Big Sur and elsewhere in the film Stills decks some doper whigging out and wrecking everyone’s vibe. It’s hilarious.

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