Tanya Donelly and Kim Deal – Feed the Tree (demo)

Tanya Donelly – “Feed the Tree” (demo) from her Star Demos, available for free download because she’s so cool. She’s got a virtual (paypal) tip jar if you want to give a little something back.

These demos were “originally meant to be the second Breeders album,” and Kim Deal plays the counter-lead stuff on this track. Of course, Tanya ended up forming Belly and a new version of “Feed the Tree” was their first single (reaching #1 on Billboard‘s Modern Rock Tracks) and appeared on their 1993 debut, Star. “Take your hat off, boy, when you’re talking to me…”

Donelly’s latest release is the live album, This Hungry Life, and she’s giving away some bonus mp3s from that too.

Via cw.

Belly – “Feed The Tree” video

Belly – “Gepetto” video

Belly – “Slow Dog” video

Belly – “Now They’ll Sleep” video

Belly – “Super-Connected” video

8 thoughts on “Tanya Donelly and Kim Deal – Feed the Tree (demo)”

  1. thanks for the link! i’m a big fan of both ladies and had never heard this version. (too bad kim doesn’t add her voice on it though. i only read the headline at first and thought when does she finally start singing? :)

  2. hey, that video version of slow dog sounds odd! also, it’s fun again to see the bassplayer strike those rawk-poses. wasn’t she in L7 also?

  3. Cool videos I haven’t seen in years. I haven’t really followed much of Tanya’s stuff since back in the day.

    I used to be so in love with her too.

    Belly also did a cool version of Hendrix’s ‘Are You Experienced’, probably the only decent song on a shitty Hendrix tribute album.

  4. it’s fun again to see the bassplayer strike those rawk-poses. wasn’t she in L7 also?

    Yes she was. And (from what I remember) she was responsible for Belly heading in a more “rock” direction for King which didn’t sell as much as Star.

    For the record, I thought King was a good record.

  5. having heard all of her solo stuff, the first one was very belly-ish, the second one got a lot of critical acclaim, but i much preferred the third one, whiskey tango ghosts. btw, jake, this hungry life isn’t a live record.

  6. um, apparently i was mistaken. it IS a live record, just a very clean one of all new songs. sort of like the allman bros. or something. the old lady would be so ashamed.

  7. The bass player’s name is Gail Greenwood, and she did in fact play in L7 after Belly. She now plays in Benny Sizzler (www.bennysizzler.com/main.html), which sounds like AC/DC colliding with Motorhead… while they don’t play out that often, their shows are always something to behold…

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