The Fray Frontman Gets Royal Treatment

Taking a page from King Ralph , The Fray’s frontman may inherit a large English estate from a distant relative.

Isaac Slade, frontman for The Fray, isn’t sure whether he even wants the 150-acre estate that sits 140 miles west of London, but he’s considering it. The current occupant is Sir Benjamin Slade, a 60-year-old aristocrat who may be a distant relative who cannot find a single person to take the $15 million property off his hands.

“All my relatives in England have their own large houses and had no interest in taking on another place,” he said.

The two Slades are reviewing their family trees to confirm a blood relation.

NOTE TO SIR BEN: We will gladly move GLONO HQ to your lovely estate. Give us a ring, won’t you?

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