The Go – Invisible Friends

The Go - Howl on the Haunted Beat You RideMP3: The Go – “Invisible Friends” from Howl on the Haunted Beat You Ride, out now on Cass Records.

Back in 1999, before Napster blew up, there was still a lot of great music on the internet. Sites like aggregated a bunch legit downloads (including mp3s, Liquid Audio files, etc.) from across the web, and that’s probably where I first came across the Go. Their song, “It Might Be Bad,” was a free download.

I probably read that they were a garage rock band from Detroit, and that Sub Pop was attempting to branch out beyond grunge, so I check out the song, liked it, and later picked up the album, Whatcha Doin’. That’s how we rolled back before myspace.

These days, the Go is mostly known as the band that Jack White played guitar with for a little while. But they’ve always been more than that. Main man Bobby Harlow knows what he’s doing, and while some people might blow him off as too retro, they’d be missing the fact that the Go makes great American psychedelic rock and roll, and they make it look simple. If you’ve heard The Weirdness, you’ll know this is no easy task; even the guy who invented this shit can’t get it right anymore. The Go, however, can and does.

The Go – “Invisible Friends”

MP3: The Go – “Caroline” via Spin.

Stream more on myspace. If you order the album from the Go’s online store, you get to download the mp3s immediately.

Previously: The Go – Supercuts. Also: Johnny Loftus’ review for Metro Times Detroit.

Tour dates:

Aug 21 2007 – Knitting Factory Hollywood, California

Aug 23 2007 – Dive Bar Las Vegas, Nevada

Aug 24 2007 – TBA Phoenix, Arizona

Aug 25 2007 – Vaudeville Cabaret Tucson, Arizona

Aug 26 2007 – Beerland Austin, Texas

Aug 27 2007 – Rudyards Houston, Texas

Aug 28 2007 – Saturn Bar New Orleans, Louisiana

Aug 30 2007 – The End Nashville, Tennessee

Aug 31 2007 – Comet Bar Cincinatti, Ohio

Press release:

Locking themselves in a cellar with five tape machines and an endless well of creativity, the band turned the controls over to lead singer Bobby Harlow to capture their trademark gritty low-fi sound for the album. The result is a spirited collection of unforgettable songs swarming with infectious melodies and urgent vocals that would raise even Brian Eno’s eyebrow.

Born in the rock mecca of Detroit, The GO’s Harlow, John Krautner (guitar), Marc Fellis (drums), Dave Buick (bass) and former band mate Jack White (guitar) crashed face-first into the garage scene with the release of their debut Whatcha Doin’ (Sub Pop). The album immediately catapulted them into the hearts of music aficionados the world over. After the departure of Jack White, Dave Buick and several other guitar players, James McConnell joined the lineup. Subsequent tours with The White Stripes, Mooney Suzuki and Guided By Voices have amassed the band critical acclaim and new fans with each performance.

Though their line-up and hairdos may have changed since they started playing music, it’s safe to say that The GO have caught the public’s attention as only a bright and captivatingly eclectic band really can.

Alternative Press has exclaimed, “The musicianship and songwriting are top-notch,” while Magnet predicted, “When it finally happens it’ll go something like this: The GO will plunge a syringe full of gasoline into rock’s draggin ass and peel outta Motor City at 100mph, leaving only a cloud of exhaust and the stench of burning rubber in its wake…It’ll be one hell-bound gypsy cab, and you’ll be sorry you didn’t hitch a ride sooner.

Give Howl on the Haunted Beat You Ride a spin and immerse yourself in pure, unadulterated, thrilling rock and roll.

Thanks to Cara for giving us permission to share the “Invisible Friends” mp3.

6 thoughts on “The Go – Invisible Friends”

  1. So strange, I was actually listening to this song when I signed on to this page… I am a lingering Go fan, and this is after I saw them at the Bowery Ballroom back in the day and they suuuuucked.

    What’s funny is that you remember these guys from the early days of internet downloading, as do I. But what has made them stand out on that front is that they have one of the worst names for internet searching. They also have a pretty abysmal distributor, as it was annoying as hell for me to search this new album out through legit channels.

    I was won back over by the last album (Come Back is a would-be classic rock classic). This new one leans even more heavily on the psychedelic retro vibe, but has several undeniably catchy tunes – “Stoned Italian Cowboy” being the best.

    It reminds me a lttle of late era VU – ever heard “The Squeeze”?

  2. Yeah I’m also a big The Go fan; picked up The Go on CD (!) and Supercuts free off their website. Though I live near the D, never seen them live…found them after their eponymous album’s heydey. Tried to catch them at the new CD release party a few months back at the Magic Stick but they didn’t sell advance tickets so that made it hard to swing. Wonder why this album took so long to come out when the CD release party was, best I can recall, around April?

    Anyway, part of the reason I wanted to post was that I read an article around that time that detailed the ‘issues’ they went through when they did actually sign with Sub Pop; they made a full album for them called, I believe, “Free Electricity,” which the label basically refused to release…it devolved into one of those classic artist vs. label feuds. So I don’t think that album ever came out…even after the hubbub died down. Anyway, it’s good to see that they’re back…hopefully they’ll play a Detroit show and actually sell tickets instead of making it first come, first serve.

    Also Jake, we discussed my favorite booking agent in Detroit’s leaving The Majestic the last time I was in town…well I did find where he went; it was to a new place called The Crofoot in Pontiac. Their Grand Opening night on 9/7 is going to be headlined by The Dirtbombs, and they’ve already got acts booked which include Deerhoof, Fujiya & Miyagi, The Avett Brothers, David Bazan, The Thermals, Girl Talk, and just added; The Hold Steady with Art Brut. All this is to say: all is now again, well.

  3. Somewhere I got a copy of “Free Electricity”, I haven’t given it too much ear-time tho. “Supercuts” however, is great, especially the cover of “Straight On”. If you haven’t picked that up yet, it’s free on their website.

  4. I’m a big Go fan. I found out about them from internet radio, something from “Whatcha Doin” was played and I was hooked. I picked that record up and their self titled effort off of Lizard King. Then, on a trip back home to Michigan, I wandered into a record store in Royal Oak and picked up “Super Cuts” on vinyl. I feel that they sound better on a turntable than in a cd player; so scratchy and well…retro. Something about the soul of the band comes through so much better on vinyl. Anyway, I’m glad they’re back. Looking forward to “howl…”

  5. The Go’s summer tour promoting the glorious new album “Howl on the Haunted Beat You Ride” is wrapping up, but I sure hope they keep playing gigs to keep the momentum going. The album is just starting to hit its stride with critical praise. Unfortunately, this band has a knack for great music but poor timing, poor publicity, and little output of material over the years. Hope they get the business piece worked out and stay energized. This could be their big breakthrough . . .

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