The Hentchmen… Featuring Jack White

Italy Records is reissuing a remastered version of the Hentchmen’s 1998 vinyl-only release, Hentch-Forth with four extra 7″ tracks and an alternate take. Why should the non-Detroit garage aficionado care? Because Jack White plays guitar on it.

Interesting that although this release predates the White Stripes debut album, he was already going by “Jack White” and not his real name, John Gillis. He was already married to Meg at that point, and actually, the first two White Stripes singles were released in 1997 before these Hentchman recordings came out. Of course, White was still unknown, and the cover art’s boast of “Featuring Jack White” was clearly just a typical example of a garage rock’s tendency toward ironically inflated self-importance.

MP3s: “Virginia Dare” and “Love” from Form Follows Function. “Polish Lady” and “Two Tone Belair” from Motorvatin’.

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