The Milwaukees: Ten Quesions We Ask Everyone

The Milwaukees from...JerseyRecently cited by the New York Times as one of the few suburban bands leading the race to achieve rock greatness outside of Manhattan, The Milwaukees are a band from New Jersey that proudly believes in rock and roll’s redemptive spirit. The band’s latest release, American Anthems, Vol. 1, the first on their new City Desk Records imprint, was touted by All Music Guide as “a rock masterpiece for a new generation.”

GLONO caught up with guitarist Jeff Nordstedt and found a long lost passion for the Oak Ridge Boys in our Questions We Ask Everyone.

Answers after the jump…

#1 What’s the last CD/Download you bought with your own money? Was it worth the dough?

Bought the new Wilco album on iTunes. Was worth the 10 bucks to download, probably not 17 to buy the CD at the store though.

#2 Best/Worst part about being a professional musician?

Sounds stupid, but the best part about being a musician is getting to play music. The worst part is dealing with people in the music industry, most of whom fall into one of two categories: 1. Overly eager person who thinks everything will be great and always disappoints, or 2. The hustler who would prefer to string up you up by your toes and let the money fall out of your pocket, but that is illegal so they got into the music business.

#3 Worst “real job” you’ve ever had?

Washing pots in the corporate kitchen for some phone company technology office.

#4 Who is the worst band member to sit next to on the van/bus?

I’m not just being political when I say, I don’t have preference one way or the other. OK, I’ll throw you a bone… Sitting next to Dylan when stuck in traffic can be rough because you might get hurt with all the ranting and gesturing.

#5 Most embarrassing music purchase?

I have an Oak Ridge Boys single from when I was really little (my Dad was into country).

#6 Build the perfect musician:

  • Voice of: John Lennon
  • Songwriting of: Elvis Costello
  • Musicianship of: the Heartbreakers
  • Personality/Image of: the Clash.

    #7 Biggest twat in the music biz?

    Lars Ulrich. Years later I’m still annoyed at how wrong he was about the internet.

    #8 When I hear [insert name] I want to stick a hanger in my ear.

    Neil Diamond [Shame on you! -Ed.]

    #9 The greatest Founding Father is:

    Thomas Jefferson, because he was a Freethinker.

    #10 I love Glorious Noise because…

    They understand that rock and roll can change your life.

    MP3: The Milwaukees – “Highway to the Sun” from American Anthems, Vol. 1. More with email registration.

    YouTube: The Milwaukees – “Rock and Roll (part III)”

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