The Out Route is One Year Old

Congrats to the crew over at the Out Route, who are celebrating the first anniversary of their launch. The sports desk of Glorious Noise, headquartered in New Jersey, has been kicking the shit out of sports coverage for a whole year now.

Like a lot of blogs, they’re having a bit of a crisis of confidence and wondering how to proceed. If you have recommendations on things they can do to make writing about sports more fulfilling, let them know.

In other GLONO subsidiary news, our national affairs desk POLJUNK has been steady ripping it up with the addition of some hot new contributors. Sock it to ’em, fellas.

And one more big announcement: after talking about it for years, we’re finally launching Shiny Metal Boxes, the automotive desk of Glorious Noise. In its inaugural post, GLONO co-founder and current Wall Street Journal car critic, Jeff Sabatini, explains why “the quality of automotive writing today is piss-poor.”

Check it out!

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