Top Music Retailers: Walmart, Best Buy, iTunes


According to research from the NPD Group, Apple iTunes is now the third largest music retailer in the country in any format, digital or physical. Based on first quarter figures, Wal-Mart remains the biggest single music retailer with 15.8% of the market, Best Buy second at 13.8% and iTunes third at 9.8%.

At least iTunes is a music store, primarily. Sheesh.

2 thoughts on “Top Music Retailers: Walmart, Best Buy, iTunes”

  1. the sad thing is that sometimes itunes has as shitty a selection as walmart and best buy does. although itunes does have the black cauldron soundtrack. what the fuck?

  2. do malls still have music stores? theyve sucked for years but they seem to be disappearing now…fye was twice the price of most shops on a lot of things (even indies) but now im noticing that theres noting…

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