We miss you, Dr. Thompson

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson killed himself two years ago today. We miss him a lot, especially as the presidential race is starting to warm up. While it’s depressing to think we’ll never be able to read his thoughts on Barack vs. Hillary, there’s still a lot of stuff coming up to keep a fan busy.

His widow, Anita, maintains a blog from Owl Farm and is preparing a collection of interviews and memories in a book called The Gonzo Way. Editor Douglas Brinkley is finishing up the third volume of Thompson’s letters, and illustrator Ralph Steadman recently released The Joke’s Over: Bruised Memories: Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson and Me.

And if that’s not enough Gonzo for you, check out a 1978 BBC documentary, Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision, after the jump…

Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision – 1978 BBC documentary (51 minutes)


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