Where’s Mulder When You Need Him?

Gee, I wonder how this happens? Let’s see. . .CBS is broadcasting the Grammy Awards (Notice: “Grammy” is a registered trademark, so if you have a propensity to refer to an aged maternal relative with that term, beware, you may invoke the wrath of a SWAT team of lawyers) Sunday February 11, and on the preceding Friday, on the CBS “Hit Drama” (ipse dixit) “Ghost Whisperer” (admit it: You watch it for Jennifer Love Hewitt with the sound off), Mary J. Blige, who is nominated for a slew of Grammys (or is that “Grammies”?), is appearing (as “the coach of a high-ranked high school cheerleading team whose members are being disabled, one by one, by seemingly freak accidents in the days preceding their big cheerleading competition”). Funny how that works out, eh? On a hit CBS show one night and then a CBS Grammy presentation a couple later. Almost spooky. Of course, who is going to ponder that when there are Jennifer and high school cheerleaders and freakish accidents. . .?

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