Wu-Tang Clan – The Heart Gently Weeps

MP3: Wu-Tang Clan – “The Heart Gently Weeps” featuring Dhani Harrison, Erykah Badu and John Frusciante, from 8 Diagrams. Courtesy of loud.com.

The song interpolates “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by the Beatles. The Wu initially claimed it was the first cleared Beatles sample, which it’s not. George’s son gave it the thumbs up and played “a bit of guitar” on it: “[The RZA] asked me to see if he could use the song, which is owned by us [the Harrison Estate], and we said yes. It’s not the original master — they’ve never been cleared — but the song is used compositionally.”

I’m going off to listen to “The Sounds of Science” now.

Video: Wu-Tang Clan – “The Heart Gently Weeps”

From 8 Diagrams (SRC/Universal Motown, 2007).

Added video 10/4/2018. -ed.

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