Amy Winehouse in Racist Video Flap

Well, it’s all over the place and people are steamed so we might as well weigh on this too. It seems a video of Amy Winehouse, clearly filmed by her husband Blake Fielder-Civil, shows Winehouse and an unidentified friend singing some dopey song about “blacks, Pakis, gooks and nips.” It’s dumb and obnoxious and maybe the last thing she wants to see out right now. British tabloid News of the World first posted the clip on Sunday.

Amy Winehouse : Racist Video

She’s issued an apology, sort of:

“I don’t want to play anything down, but I’m the least racist person going,” Winehouse said. “I think they [News of the World] should have starred out certain words.”

I have to wonder though why her husband, who is heard on the video swearing that he wasn’t taping the performance, recorded her singing this and then let it find its way online. Maybe Amy should have been tipped off by the fact that he swore on HER life, but you have to wonder if she’s going to stand by her man much longer.

One thought on “Amy Winehouse in Racist Video Flap”

  1. Considering the fact that her husband’s been locked up in jail since Novemeber 2007, I’m guessing the leak did not come directly from him. That, of course, does not justify his lying about filming or — obviously — her making racist slurs.

    Lesson for the kiddies: If you’re going to do dumb shit — and we know you will — don’t do it in front of a camera. Even one that you think is not recording…

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