An Apologia for the Video Gaming Youth

Grand Theft Auto IVWe don’t suffer a cultural malaise due to ‘immediate gratification’ and its ill effects. Rather immediate gratification syndrome is a symptom of our culture because the youth, who are not a part of institutional power (largely because they don’t wish to follow the lead of the clearly inept), suffer because the people who are a part of the power-structure (in all its manifestations—and there is little anymore not beholden to indiscriminate power, and this is, obviously, due in large part to capitalist greed) really do think that they are something special, something better, somehow more deserving, and this repression of talent leads our youth to endeavors such as video games where it is the talent and the skill of the player that matters most.

Because these youth always hear the same thing stated in different ways and when words like this are said (“in any path to leadership there is a process”) there is a denial a priori that anyone could possibly be different, unique, gifted, called, in point of fact better suited (especially when held in comparison to ‘the boss’, ‘admissions’ or ‘human resources’) and above, by talent, experience, and the capacity to dream, the process itself. Human dignity requires us to think of PEOPLE as better and more important than some process or nonsensical law or rule.

Strangely, Jesus Christ himself was a fighter for the people, against capricious, arbitrary and systematic repression, especially the youth, who are not yet brainwashed by the hierarchy of a damned way of life. As a middle aged man I fully support the world becoming ever more like a video game, for in the video game world the skillful youth will triumph and nature will finally be set aright.

6 thoughts on “An Apologia for the Video Gaming Youth”

  1. This article does nothing to explain why, after going through an off-season of key position trades/signings and the return of six pro-bowlers, my Browns are practically mirroring their real-life counterparts in my current season of Madden. Why isn’t my singleback play-action play working now after it was so successful last season? And finally, why is my RB now only averaging about 2.5 yards per carry after averaging over 4 yards per carry last year? I could fire the coach, I suppose, but that would be giving myself the pink slip.

  2. Why is it I always get excruciating headaches whenever I play (or even watch) a First Person Shooter? I’ll tell you why: Because The Man is trying to keep me from becoming awesome at video games, which will thwart our universe’s only hope at salvation (I’m pretty sure that one day I’ll be playing this sweet game called “Starfighter” and I’ll get a really high score and then this old dude who seems kind of mysterious but lovable will recruit me to defend the galaxy). The Man has a lot of money tied up in the end of the universe, hence his reluctance to have me save it. Curse you, The Man!

  3. The skillful youth will always prevail and the old man will be happy for it.

    You see the youth had to learn this skill. That is the process that Nash talks of.

    The truly great game players have rose up through hard work and perseverance to

    become the old man. The best of them are humble because they have surprised even themselves with their

    success and who is in a better position to appreciate

    the effort needed to achieve.

    A little luck can help to, Todd, the single back play will come back and

    you will be a genius.

    The struggle to find the ammo behind the picture before getting hit gives us

    the thrill of life. The tree never has to achieve, the newborn only has to wail

    to receive sustenance.

    Find the man, j franky, who needs the world saved, and put your talent to use.

    The Man has faith in youth.

    Praise to the not yet brainwashed,

    no one told them it’s alright to lose.

    It will all play out like it’s supposed to.

    Enjoy the ride for it’s the journey that is enjoyable. When the game is beaten

    the thrill is over.

  4. Sounds like a person who has not played a modern video game esp with the youth. There are games out there where the most skilled do not win or are successfully at achieving the goal. Heck, there are a lot of kids who are skilled cheaters to win. Skill is not everything.

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