Cobain's Ashes Reportedly Stolen

Courtney Love claims that the ashes of her late husband, Kurt Cobain, have been pinched. Rolling Stone reports that Love was storing the ashes in a pink bear-shaped handbag that was hidden in the wardrobe closet of her Hollywood home and believes the bag was taken by a former friend.

Apparently, most of Cobain’s ashes were spread at a New York Buddhist temple and in Washington’s Wishkah River, but Love said she kept a small amount (as well as a lock of his hair) for herself.

“I can’t believe anyone would take Kurt’s ashes from me. I find it disgusting and right now I’m suicidal,” Love said.

Yes, we know how closely Courtney guards Kurt’s most private things. Like, say, his notes in a diary. What’s more safe than scribbled across a million pairs of Chuck Taylors?

8 thoughts on “Cobain's Ashes Reportedly Stolen”

  1. I saw the Chucks in real life this weekend. I almost tried them on to get a photo, ha ha, but decided against it. (The Grateful Dead shoes, released the same day, are actually WAY cooler.)

    But stealing ashes from a widow crosses a line that — however much I loathe Courtney Love — seems kinda sickeningly uncouth.

  2. Why am I skeptical that ashes were actually stolen?

    I mean, I’m with you Jake that no matter how despicable Courts is, that is over the line. But that’s only if it actually happened.

    Isn’t Courtney the type to make this up because her name is out of the papers, or am I a cynic?

  3. crazy story… even with courtney involved.

    i still think the shoes are crazy. as it is, i always had it in my head that he wore mostly jack’s and one star and not even chucks.

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