Cool Blog Alert: For Those Who Tried to Rock

I love this idea because I have been in seemingly countless forgotten bands. It’s also totally in-line with what we try to do here at GLONO, and that’s to highlight the music we love, whether you’ve heard of it or not.

For Those Who Tried to Rock describes itself as:

A Where Are They Now? for those who never were, then.

This is a sonic history of the American pop band. Our goal is to capture data about every band to have been formed by teens with that perfect mixture of big dreams and questionable talent in suburban garages, high school music rooms, and college dorms across America. And to preserve them cryogenically with the very dry ice they once merited, for future generations.

Rock and roll has changed a lot of lives, this is a cool project to document it.

5 thoughts on “Cool Blog Alert: For Those Who Tried to Rock”

  1. So that’s why I’ve been holding onto all those Sugar Maple Voodoo CDs. We were the third best band at UMass my Junior year. Fuck you Ruby Dune

  2. I’m sorry: was it the SMV or Ruby Dune that was chosen to play Delta Tau? Oh, that’s right, it was Ruby Dune. What’s that? Who got a group handjob from Emily Barton after that same gig? Not SMV, pretty sure about that.

    Also: your guitar was out of tune.

  3. Emily Barton, she was the lady who had six arms, right? That way, all band members could get a handjob at once, and no one would feel left out.

    My pal Joe said she had bad breath too. Kinda smelled like penis, he said.

    Hey, think that blog would be interested in my old band? We were called Smells Like Fish, Tastes Like Chicken, and our big hit was “Jesus Will Smite You For Being An Ugly Geek Who Likes Hootie”.

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