Classic Dead Milkmen video: Punk Rock Girl

Video: Dead Milkmen – “Punk Rock Girl”

Saw this on VH1 Classic this weekend, and even though the Dead Milkmen were one of my favorite bands in high school, I don’t think I’d ever seen this video before. It’s better than I could’ve imagined.

So as I was looking up some links, I came across the news that they’re reuniting to play the Fun Fun Fun Festival in Austin, TX. They originally split up in 1995, but got together for a couple of benefit shows after bassist Dave Blood committed suicide in 2004. Dandrew Stevens will play bass.

Make your own Punk Rock Girl paper doll!

MP3: Butterfly Joe – “Ode to Eazy-E” from the 1995 cassette, Sweet ‘n’ Low. (courtesy of Joe Jack Talcom)

Dead Milkmen: Web, MySpace, Wiki.

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  1. The video was in pretty high regular rotation for a while on MTV. But you were probably too busy drivin’ sportscars and getting chicks to make out with you by playing Public Enemy and asking them if they are “down for the struggle,”.

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