Eef Barzelay – Lose Big

Eef BarzelayAt the end of the year, we’re offering up some MP3s that we never got around to posting for one reason or another. Here’s one from Clem Snide frontman Eef Barzelay.

MP3: Eef Barzelay – “Lose Big” from Lose Big on 429.

I’ve been meaning to write about this album since I first heard it this summer. As you can hear, it’s more of a return to the full-band sound of the his Clem Snide stuff than the home-made acoustic demo vibe of his previous solo effort, Bitter Honey. In fact, this album contains two Clem Snide songs as bonus tracks: “I Love the Unknown” from Your Favorite Music, and “Me No” from Clem Snide’s final aborted Hungry Bird sessions. Recommended.

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