Elliott Smith "Figure 8" mural defaced, restored

The Sly Oyster covers the restoration of the Silver Lake mural that Elliott Smith posed in front of for the cover of Figure 8. It had been defaced by fans and taggers.

Electronic Solutions, 4334 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles

MySpace: Repaint the Wall.

Figure 8, by the way, is getting the deluxe, 180-gram vinyl reissue treatment, as is XO.

Video: Elliott Smith in the studio at Capitol

Featuring Beatles cover “Because” and School House Rock’s “Figure 8.”

One thought on “Elliott Smith "Figure 8" mural defaced, restored”

  1. The video of Elliott in the studio breaks my heart. First, footage of him listening to a playback of his version of the Beatles’ “Because” and then him goofing off and looking happy…it’s just too much.

    I miss that sad bastard.

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