Chinese Democracy Leaker Pleads Not Guilty

Chinese Democracy (Cover A) (Bb)Billboard reports that the Alleged Guns N’ Roses Leaker Pleads Innocent. The Associated Press says he pleaded not guilty. Not sure if there’s a legal difference. Not sure if it matters. Either way, Antiquiet‘s Kevin Cogill faces three years in federal prison if convicted, and five years if the court finds he posted the songs for commercial gain. Yipes.

In other news, you can now pre-order the stupid album from Best Buy either on CD ($13.99) or vinyl ($19.99).

5 thoughts on “Chinese Democracy Leaker Pleads Not Guilty”

  1. I’m pretty sure one pleads “not guilty” rather than innocent. It’s up to the prosecution to prove guilt, not to the defendant to prove the lack thereof.

  2. Sorry, Lep – just my cynical view of US justice. “Guilty until proven innocent, unless you’re rich.”

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