Gore Gore Girls interview

The Metro Times catches up with Amy Gore of Detroit’s badass Gore Gore Girls: Gore-soaked and glamorous.

“I think girl rock bands will always be considered a novelty,” says Gore. “The impression will be ‘What’s this all about. Who do these girls think they are?’ Seriously, each player is judged on their own merit. If you have the good fortune of getting four good players together, then you’re gonna have a good band. And at this point, our band is one of the best all-girl bands around, of all time, within the rock ‘n’ roll genre.”

She’s absolutely correct to describe her band as “a feral, visceral, eight-legged, big-haired rock ‘n’ roll machine.” Get the Gore is out now on Bloodshot Records.

Photo by Jolie Brown at Kraftbrau Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan (Sept 2004)

MP3s from Get the Gore:

Gore Gore Girls – “All Grown Up”

Gore Gore Girls – “Pleasure Unit”

Gore Gore Girls – “Fox in a Box”

Earlier MP3s:

• Gore Gore Girls – “Astral Man”

• Gore Gore Girls – “Up All Night”

• Gore Gore Girls – “I’m Gonna Get You Yet”

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