Ian Curtis Dance Contest

Submit video of yourself dancing like Ian Curtis for your chance to win two new Joy Division DVDs. HOW?

• Video your moves

• Upload them to YouTube (or any other hosting service)

• Include the links to your video in the form or in the Comments…

ONE lucky winner, chosen by the GLONO staff, will win both films.

Winner of nine film festival awards, including three at the Cannes Film Festival, CONTROL profiles Ian Curtis, the lead singer of the pioneering post-punk band Joy Division.

The contest is over. It ended on June 6, 2008.

Congratulations to Maham H from Chicago and to Julie L from Beaufort, NC!

Now go back to Glorious Noise and patiently wait for the next cool contest.

CONTROL stars two-time Academy Award® nominee Samantha Morton (In America, Minority Report), Alexandra Maria Lara (Downfall) and relative newcomer Sam Riley (24 Hour Party People). Filmed in color and transferred to black-and-white for a surreal and edgy vibe, the film has been hailed as “the most acclaimed brit-pic of the year” (Variety) and “a handsome, lyrically moving drama” (The Times).

Watch the trailer: Control Trailer

The retrospective documentary JOY DIVISION, directed by music-video veteran Grant Gee, chronicles the band’s progression, as well as social and external conditions that influenced them. Blending archival footage and revealing testimonies from band members and key musical players, JOY DIVISION gives an inside look at everything surrounding the rock scene of the 1970’s.

Watch the trailer: Joy Division DVD Trailer

CONTROL and documentary JOY DIVISION rock onto DVD June 3rd and June 17th, respectively, from Genius Products and The Weinstein Company under The Miriam Collection.

5 thoughts on “Ian Curtis Dance Contest”

  1. Come on now. People are way too morbid about this band. They played some badass rock music and Ian Curtis had some distinctive (if not particularly funky) dance moves. We wanna see everybody put their own twist on them! Get down, y’all.

  2. That’s what I mean; I wasn’t talking about the suicide stuff.

    Who wants to see more people dance like that?

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