Ian Rogers Talks to the Music Biz

Ian Rogers, who helped found Nullsoft, creators of Winamp, and moved on to Grand Royal, where he shepherded the Beastie Boys onto the internet, is now General Manager of Yahoo Music. He was invited to talk to the music industry at their big convention in Aspen in December, and now he’s got his presentation, Talking To The Music Industry Again, The Aspen Live Conference online:

Our kids are going to watch exactly what they want to watch, not necessarily what’s marketed to them. I understand this is threatening to large media businesses which are accustomed to owning the means of distribution, but I am certain it’s very good for our kids and for culture writ large. We’re all in the same business now, the business of making things people really love.

Like David Byrne, Rogers is optimistic. How about you? How are you feeling about the future of music?

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  1. While I am hardly proficient in either business or technology (along with most other things), I’m confident. Seems as if the public is moving on to bigger and better with or without business. They can either keep up or get pushed aside, we don’t need ’em.

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