New Jack White/Alicia Keys/James Bond video

Video: Alicia Keys (ft. Jack White) – “Another Way To Die”

From the upcoming James Bond movie, Quantom of Solace. Limited-edition 7-inch single is available today.

4 thoughts on “New Jack White/Alicia Keys/James Bond video”

  1. I thought, for a minute there, that I had had enough of Jack White… but I can’t help it – everything he does is AWESOME. This video is stupid (she’s playing the horn parts on her piano, for one thing) – maybe it will make more sense once I’ve seen the movie – but they sound great together, and he just generally seems to be kicking ass. Meg is cute, Alicia Keys is smokin’ hot and can sing her brains out.

  2. i like it, works well as a bond tune. alicia keys is still a robot though. they should have hired someone with soul instead, someone like fergie.

  3. 30 seconds in, nobody’s opened their mouth yet, and it’s still better than The Chris Cornell Sonic Debacle* that was the theme from Casino Royale…

    * “The Chris Cornell Sonic Debacle” is trademarked 2008 by Donaldson; no permissions are implied or granted.

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