John Lennon in New Ad

Remember a number of years ago when a clip of Fred Astaire dancing was manipulated to show him cavorting with a vacuum cleaner? It was weird and sparked a debate as to the appropriate use of dead celebrity’s images in advertising.

Well, Yoko Ono has put her stamp of approval on the use of John Lennon‘s image and “voice” in a new ad promoting the One Laptop Per Child Foundation, a project from MIT. The legitimacy of the organization’s mission to provide solar powered machines to the world’s poorest children aside, this is plain creepy. John Lennon has been dead for nearly 30 years and the voice-over sounds like a cartoon version of his voice.

Video: A Message from John Lennon (OLPC)

How far can we go with this? What are some dead celebrity endorsements you’d like to see?

Via the NME.

9 thoughts on “John Lennon in New Ad”

  1. I think we’ll be seeing more of this as time goes on. Remember those John Wayne beer commercials? I think its fucked up and is just plain wrong – no matter what the cause/product that is being promoted.

  2. Yoko is such a fuckup.

    “I think john would be…..” is her shtick whenever she does anything to sell anything that uses his image or work.

    Using an impersonator for this ad is just beyond tacky.

    She could have made this ad been a million times classier by just having a photo of him and using some old audio clip of him saying somethging about helping kids…or she could have done the voiceover herself….This is just pure cheese….

  3. Johnny Boy would probably be sellin’ his own snotrags if he were still about. I could see the bastard now in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart…

    “Snotrags! 14 cents a snotrag! Get your snotrags! Bloody lovely snotrags.”

    They’re all whores people. Show business phonies!Cocksuckers could solve all the world’s problems by selling a few of their 7 homes and 19 autos and writing a couple of checks. Except the cocksuckers ask middle class schmucks who are living paycheck to paycheck to chip in. Fuck ’em all to hell!

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