John Waters vs. The Beatles

Details has a great interview with John Waters, wherein he explains why he hates the Beatles:

I don’t want to say I hate the Beatles. I don’t own any of their records. They ruined rock and roll. They put Motown out of business. So I never bought a new record ever until punk came out. The Beatles led to the Monkees. And it was a little hard hearing Lennon sing about “no possessions” when he was living in the Dakota. I was a yippee. Hippies got on my nerves. We made fun of hippies. I didn’t know it, but I was waiting for punk. And so that’s what I mean about the Beatles. I know they were amazing songwriters and all that, but I liked the Rolling Stones. I would’ve rather been at Altamont than Woodstock.

If you’re offended by how Mr. Waters views the Fab Four, read the rest of the interview to find out how he feels about Alvin and the Chipmunks

MP3: The Chipmunks – “Sorry About That, Herb” (courtesy of wfmu)

One thought on “John Waters vs. The Beatles”

  1. Q: People always talk about your outlandish fascinations. Do you have any normal ones?

    A: I do love The Chipmunks. I’m erotically obsessed with Alvin.


    God bless you please, Mr. John Waters.

    A nation turns it lonely eyes to you…

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