Kanye West – Love Lockdown (version 2)

Kanye West - Love LockdownYou’ve gotta love internet time.

September 7: At the MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West performs his new song, “Love Lockdown.”

September 10: Kanye posts a studio version of “Love Lockdown” on his blog. 17 pages of comments reveal that many fans preferred the live version.

September 15: Kanye posts a teaser on his blog entitled, “Your prayers have been answered!! There’s a new version of love Love Lockdown coming. We used new taiko drums and I re-sung it… it’s being Mastered now….” Included in the post is the “newer artwork with perfected type 4 all design snobs lol…” and a sidebar: “if you don’t like autotune… too bad cause I love it and have been using it since the College Dropout!!!”

Later the same day, Kanye posts the new studio version of “Love Lockdown.” The commenters seem pleased with the result.

Who knows if this will be the final final version? But if you care at all about the relationship between artists and fans (and you know we do), you’ve got love this story.

Video: Kanye West – “Love Lockdown (Live)”

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