3 thoughts on “Kid Rock: Steal Everything”

  1. Oh give me a break, this poser hasn’t had an original thought in his life. Kid Rock is a derivative hack who is second only to Ted Nugent for saying things just stupid enough to gather a bit of press.

    Stealing from the rich. . .how revolutionary! Kid Rock is the new Robin Hood or should that be Robbing Hood or Robin from the Hood. (Oops, I forgot, he grew up a rich, white boy.)

    And you suckers lapped it up like warm milk.

  2. Ahhh, warm milk. How many nights have I spent sitting around with my posse, lapping it up… I remember the time my mom was all, “Why can’t you drink it straight out of a glass? Or at least use a straw?” I spent 8 years in jail after I stabbed her dumb ass for that comment. No one tells me I can’t lap up my warm milk. No one.

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