Loftus on Muxtape

Home taping is killing music.Over on Detour, Johnny Loftus writes about the internet’s latest fad:

So these guys made this site called Muxtape, which the Internet may have told you about. It looks like Super Breakout, only on cassette. Don’t fear that last word. Muxtape is on the Internet; it only pretends to be on tape. That means you don’t need my special Marantz 5030 cassette deck/Macbook hybrid in order to make mixes. I wish I wouldn’t have spent all those years developing that thing. Who knew no one would need a Mac with two external cassette decks?

True story: Johnny once spontaneously deejayed a party in my basement using only my Hitachi dual cassette deck and the box of old tapes I had packed away on a shelf. He could only use the first songs on either side of the tape because that was the only way he could queue it up properly. It was awesome. I kept running over and shouting in his face: “I DO NOT OWN THIS ON TAPE!” But the audio evidence could not be denied. The fact that so many totally great songs lead off either Side A or Side B of a bunch mildewing garbage kind of blew my mind that night. My cassette collection was better than I knew.

Later that year, of course, I sold them all at a garage sale, three for a dollar.

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