MGMT – Electric Feel Music Video

Another outstanding video from our new favorite band. You can’t watch this shit and tell me those kids aren’t wacked out on drugs. And what’s that!?!?! The bear from Chucky Cheese in a cameo? Oh, hell yes.

MGMT – “Electric Feel” Music Video

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8 thoughts on “MGMT – Electric Feel Music Video”

  1. That video is sweeeeet. Although I can’t help but think that without the post-effects it would look pretty hokey. I bet everyone on set was like, “This is stupid. We were supposed to get free joints. Where are we anyways? My feet hurt! Why are there two guys lip-syncing everything? Why is the ugly one here at all? You promised us real elves!”

    OR they could have all been really high and had a very nice day. Hard to say for sure. Either way, good video.

  2. That’s Billy Bear from Showbiz Pizza Place, holmes. Chuckie Cheese bought him out and. as a result, his band The Rock-a-fire Explosion broke up.

  3. Man, I can’t stop listening to this! I think I will go throw my member’s only jacket on! Straight outta 1985

  4. If Pink Floyd and Prince had an acid baby, this would be it. Let’s drop the generic “drugs.” What does that mean anyway? Is heroine hallucinogenic? That’s LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, or, as the good doctor put, peyote.

    Not too sure about the songs, though. Catchy, but too retro-’80s pop.

  5. eel rhymes with feel….ugh….beck has anal sex with prince….and this band is their butt baby…

  6. I love this video, although I doubt that there would be a bear from Chucky Cheese’s there… and that some one could pull down the moon with ropes, and fly into space with a motorcycle!!

  7. I freaking love this song and this video.

    I was a bit late to the party for this band and man oh man I wish I hadn’t waited so long. There’s a percussion part of this song that reminds me of Kate Bush’s Running up that Hill.

    And the video is just so damned fantastic, a great combination of all things fantasy and quirky.

    Definitely my favorite song this year so far.

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