MGMT Re-Release Time to Pretend EP

MGMT - Time to Pretend EPGLONO’s latest obsession is about to take advantage of our illness and bilk us of a little more cash with the re-release of the Time to Pretend EP. Released in 2005 by NYC-based Cantora Records, the six song EP features the original versions of “Time to Pretend” and “Kids” and 4 exclusive tracks.

MGMT’s Dave Fridmann-produced Columbia Records debut album Oracular Spectacular was released on January 22, 2008 and features two songs from the Time to Pretend EP including “Time to Pretend” which was released as the album’s first single.

I love how the press release basically acknowledges that fans like us are a bunch of dopes ready to buy whatever we can get our hands on and that they’re more than happy to oblige:

As fans become fiends and seek out all things MGMT, it is Cantora Record’s unique pleasure to share these exclusive and original six recordings with those who helped fuel the band’s explosive career. Equal parts pop and destruction, sincerity and subversiveness, these six tracks are bursting with youthful joy and youthful fear. From the anthemic four-onthe-floor pulse of “Kids,” to the floating, escapist beauty of the title track, this EP is a musical bug bite that feels great to scratch, but you’ll never get rid of.

Off to the record store…

MP3: MGMT – “Destrokk”

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