Napster Bought by Best Buy: Why?

NapsterI guess I do not understand big business. Best Buy To Buy Napster For $121 Million. Why? What the fuck can Napster possibly offer to anybody? The kitty’s been dead since 2001. Or shortly thereafter.

Looking at the details, it’s obvious that $121 billion is a bit of an exaggeration: “Included in the deal is approximately $67 million in cash and short term investments held by Napster, meaning the net price of the deal would be $54 million, the companies said.” Still $54 million dollars? What for? Oh wait: “The companies said the proposed acquisition includes Napster’s approximately 700,000 subscribers, its Web-based customer service and mobile capabilities.”

700,000 subscribers? Are you kidding me? There are 700,000 people who think think spending $12.95 a month to stream tracks is a good deal? Wow. I guess I do not understand people.

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