Neil Young Archives Update

Neil Young Archives, Vol. 1: 1963-1972 (10 Disc)Some new info on Neil Young‘s Archives. First of all, they’ve been pushed back from January 27 to February 24, 2009. You can pre-order them on Amazon (Blu-Ray, DVD).

And Thrasher’s Wheat set up a Q&A with the Archives team that answers a lot of questions. Here’s what we know:

• There will be 128 audio tracks. Including 48 unreleased tracks. This 48 is comprised of 15 unreleased songs and instrumentals, 24 unreleased versions, 8 unreleased mixes, and 1 unreleased “montage” (whatever that means).

• The 80 previously released tracks include Live At The Fillmore East and Live At Massey Hall, but not Live at Canterbury House.

• 20 special feature videos, film clips and film trailers, 55 extra audio tracks of interviews, radio spots and concert raps.

• No Mynah Birds.

• There will be Blu-Ray downloads available to those who have purchased the Blu-Ray set and have a BD-Live compatible player…connected to the Internet.

MP3: Neil Young = “#1 Hit Song” (courtesy of Warner/Reprise)

10 thoughts on “Neil Young Archives Update”

  1. All well and good, but what about those of us who aren’t that into Neil Young? Do we still have to buy it? This looks expensive.

  2. You’re not the only one, Dreamin’. It just seems like a typical Neil clusterfuck.

    It’s a 10-disc collection but it’s not going to be comprehensive of everything he’s officially released… The fact that we’ve all recently bought 2 of the 10 discs already… It’s not going to be released on a format you can play on the go, etc…

    Neil obviously does not care about his fans. This is a vanity project that ought to be issued by Rhino Handmade in a limited edition of 5,000 copies. Later, they should issue the individual discs with the option of CD, DVD, and/or Blu-ray.

    As it is, I’m probably going to just wait for some hacker to rip the audio… I’m bummed. Oh well.

  3. Ah, such is the pain of the hardcore Neil Young fan. We hate him for fucking with us (and he’s definitely fucking with us), but we just can’t walk away. Some kind of Stockholm syndrome, perhaps?

  4. … And you just know the release is going to be delayed again while Neil works on a concept album about Link Volt or something.

  5. “1 Hit Record Rap” was mildly amusing until the end, where he sounds like Bob & Doug from the Great White North: “It’s a hit, eh?” Now that was funny.

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