Nine Chinese Democracy Tracks Leak

Don’t get too worked up, they’re gone already. But the comments are a treat to read.

The gang over at had nine, fully mastered tracks from the forever in-progress Guns N’ Roses album Chinese Democracy and the Internet went crazy. Ok, so a handful of true believers and the rest of us skeptics went crazy, but still this is the closest to an actual release we’ve ever been.

While the tracks were long gone by the time GLONO was alerted, I did find a source who grabbed them and can tell you that the songs vary from the truly interesting–if not all that great–“Better” to the standard nu metal pap of “Chinese Democracy” and so on. Got a hankering for nutty guitar solos? You’re in luck. Got a yen for weird electronic drum break downs? We gotcha covered. Looking for that dirty rock and roll that made G-N-R the best hard rock band of its generation? Well…

One thought on “Nine Chinese Democracy Tracks Leak”

  1. Torrents of the 9 tracks are everywhere. In my opinion, they all suck.

    That is, however, without a doubt Axl’s voice.

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